Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Frilly aprons, the fickle smells of sweets and chocolate, heart shaped bowls and antique silverware and cake stands, 50's pop music (Especially Sherille's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow) on repeat, and a big fat mess in the center of it all. Welcome to my kitchen! A place where you will definitely be fed.

Baking. It's the one thing that will always make me happy.

Well, I'm not saying that I actually love the task. I absolutely hate washing plates and getting dirty and spilling ingrediants and things like that. But when I hand someone a cupcake or anything like that, and they smile or tell me they love it (or rarely, say that it has made their day)... well, that's why I love it. That's what I strive for. Even though it probably makes someone happy for only 5 minutes.. well, it means the world to me because I made a difference.

Photo taken by Faith, edited by Toycamera Analogcolor


stark Tony said...
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stark Tony said...

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