Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Bash!

Photo taken by Faith, edited by Toycamera Analogcolor


rebecca said...

happy birthday (: (remember, you don't put on any weight when it's your birthday so you're allowed to eat the entire cake ;) )

Robyn said...

Happy birthday! All of those tasty treats make me happy.

Joanna Gough said...

NICE. are those paper plates strung from the wall?
Happy Birthday. btw.

Faith said...

Hello! Thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes, everyone.

And actually, Joanna, no. I'm not that careless. my banner was actually made out of doilies :). From there we attached letter stickers on each doily. After, we used twine to attach the doilies and placed bows on the twine as spaces. All of the materials can be purchased at your local craft store