Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wish list: July 2010

Clothes that I'll be dreaming of...

1. Shirt by Gemma Degara; $572
2. Shoes sold by santokivintage; $159
3. Leather dance shoes by Lanvin; $545
4. Oversized Alexa bag by Mulberry; $1,595
5. Shoes by Dr. Martens; $120
6. Sunglasses by Moschino; $337
7. Top by Lanvin; $390
8. Top by Marc Jacobs; Originally $550, now $330
9. Top by Chloe; Originally $760, now $342
10. Top by Luella; Originally $590, now $295 (Long live Luella!!!)
11. Top by Miu Miu
12. Dress from H&M. (Sadly, we don't have one in Houston)


Ros said...

cute!! pretty colors :)

tsilli said...

i love your wishlist. beautiful selection!

Robyn said...

Your wish list is now my wish list. I especially love number 11.

rebecca said...

I cannot explain in words how much I want the Mulberry Alexa :(


Steph said...

this is gorgeous, pretty sure this is my wishlist now too!
Your love of all the same celebrities and stars has got me inspired for my own blog,

you are lovely,
1001 ways to be more lovely

julia. said...

i love your wishlist!