Friday, August 13, 2010

Music Friday: Au Revoir Simone

All or Nothing-Au Revoir Simone

Take Me As I Am-Au Revoir Simone

I want to introduce something to my blog: Music Fridays! Each Friday I'll post a music video of one of my favourite bands, and surprisingly, I unknowingly did this with my previous music videos on this blog. Today's band is Au Revoir Simone! I love them, because they have such cute music and excellent taste in fashion! My favorite song by them is Take Me As I Am, but unfortunately they don't have an embedd link to the real version. So I posted the live video of this version, and to make up for not having a music video, here's All or Nothing. Enjoy!

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rebecca said...

i like how you're sharing your music loves (: she's really, really pretty!